Jimmy Fortune definitely a class of his own. Listening to this song “Life’s Railway To Heaven” is one of his best country gospel music. Can’t help but admire his amazing gift and natural performance as an artist. Make sure this video to the end and please don’t forget to share to your friends if you are blessed! Thank you.

About Jimmy Fortune

Born in Staunton, Virginia on March 11, 1955, Fortune began his career as a singer in high school as a member of the Nelcon County High School choir. It was in 1981 when Fortune was discovered by Lew DeWitt of The Statler Brothers. He replaced Lew DeWitt and became an integral part of the group, and he wrote several of their latter-day hits, including “Elizabeth,” “Too Much on My Heart,” and “More Than a Name on a Wall.” He spent 21 years touring, singing, and performing with the Statler Brother. In 2002, after the Statlers disbanded, Fortune continued his career as a solo artist. Fortune and the Statlers were welcomed into the Country Music Association Hall of Fame in 2008.

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Life’s Railway To Heaven Lyrics

Life is like a mountain railway,
With an engineer that’s brave;
We must make the run successful,
From the cradle to the grave;
Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels;
Never falter, never fail;
Keep your hands upon the throttle,
And your eyes upon the rail.

Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us,
Till we reach that blissful shore,
Where the angels wait to join us
In Thy praise forevermore.
You will roll up grades of trial;
You will cross the bridge of strife;
See that Christ is your conductor
On this lightning train of life;
Always mindful of obstruction,
Do your duty, never fail;
Keep your hands upon the throttle,
You will often find obstructions,
Look for storms and wind and rain;
On a fill, or curve, or trestle
They will almost ditch your train;
Put your trust alone in Jesus,
Never falter, never fail;
Keep your hands upon the throttle,
And your eyes upon the rail.
As you roll across the trestle,
Spanning Jordan’s swelling tide,
You behold the Union Depot
Into which your train will glide;
There you’ll meet the Sup’rintendent,
God the Father, God the Son,
With the hearty, joyous plaudit,
Weary Pilgrim, welcome home.

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