Be blessed with this beautiful song that is all about declaring our faith as Christians and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. “We Believe” sang beautifully by The Booth Brothers consisting of: Ronnie Booth – Lead; Jim Brady – Baritone; Michael Booth – Tenor.

About The Booth Brothers

The Booth Brothers was initially formed in the 1950s by Ron Booth Sr. with his brothers Charles, James, and Wallace, after they moved to Detroit. However, Ron decided to disband the group in 1963 when he joined The Toney Brothers. In 1990, Ron’s youngest son, Michael, decided to revive the group with his brother Ronnie II (b. June 28, 1965), and his father. They started performing and touring around Florida and recorded several albums. In 1998, Ron decided to retire and the remaining brothers started looking for a replacement. They recorded several albums with Joseph Smith, who was later replaced by Jim Brady. Brady remained with them until 2014, at which point he was replaced by Paul Lancaster.

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We Believe Lyrics

I believe in the Father who created all that is
And I believe the universe and all therein is His
As a loving Heavenly Father, He yearned to save us all
To lift us from the fall….I believe.

I believe in Jesus the Father’s only Son
Existing uncreated before time had begun
A sacrifice for sin, He died then rose again
To ransom sinful men…I believe.

I believe in the Spirit who makes believers one
My heart is filled with His presence
The Comforter has come
The kingdom unfolds in His plan
Unhindered by quarrels of man
His church upheld by His hand…I believe.

Though the earth be removed
And time be no more
These truths are secure
God’s word shall endure
Whatever may change, these things are sure…We believe.

So if the mountains are cast down into the plains
When kingdoms all crumble, this one remains
Our faith is not subject to seasons of man
With our fathers we proclaim
We believe our Lord will come as He said
The land and the sea will give up their dead
His children will reign with Him as their head
We believe.

We believe in the Father and all He has done
We believe in Jesus, his one and only Son
And we believe in the Spirit who makes believers one
We believe
We believe
We believe

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